Combination Disco Party and a Show!

The "COMBINED PARTY" to include a Disco Party as described in Package #2 AND a show of your choice as described in Package #1.

This is the all singing all dancing option... 2 hours of terrific quality entertainment & fun which will make for wonderful birthday memories for your child, his or her friends and everyone else in the room! We start with music led warm up party games, bubbles and big all inclusive games to get everyone in the party mood. Then we'll sit the children down to a brilliant show of your choice. Then we usually take a short break in the middle of the party for the children to enjoy their party food and of course it's a great opportunity to enjoy the cake and the singing. Meanwhile we'll have cleared the show props away to make way for part two.. the full on Disco Party. Be warned, a "Mum's & Dad's Dance" is not unheard of!!

Our top party package and also our most popular option.